Applications are currently open for Townsville Cultural Fest 2021

Townsville Cultural Festival is held every year, celebrating unity, friendship, and cultural diversity. Many colors are born on that day, and all the cultures are gathering around fire shows, theatre, and dance performances. The event is held to promote the cultural variety of the USA and abroad.

Running for 25 years, Townsville Cultural Festival is an amalgam of cultural events held in one place for several days in a row. Guests have the opportunity to discover a lot of new cultures, meet people of all nationalities in the US and admire works of art in any form: music, dance, theatrical pieces, etc.

Celebrating life and creativity

It is not a commercial event; it is an event of cultural diversity acceptance. The festival aims to promote a wide range of cultures in the world of innovation. While the technological era swallows the individuals, people tend to keep safe their cultural roots. That is why Townsville Cultural Fest is organized by gathering diverse communities from Queensland and above.

Entertainment Program

As a visitor, you have the opportunity to see many performances held at this festival. Musicians, fire performers, actors, cabaret dancers, poets, and others are invited to give you the dopamine you wished for. The most interesting performances are fire shows, concerts, and theatrical pieces as well.

Each day of the festival is a celebration of life and creativity. It’s worth visiting it! Take your friends and family members, and let’s go on an adventure!