Due to Covid-19 restrictions the festival has changed to adapt to the social spacing requirement.

On 22 August the festival in a form of motorised carnival parade will go around to people in different parts of Townville from Kelso, the Strand, Willows, Pallarenda, and Bushland beach. The Carnival Parade will be led by the world famous giant kookaburra and followed by many other major mobile art features, sculptures and vehicle entries. You can get involved too. 


A film festival project was run in conjuction with the Townsville Cultural Fest 2021 with participants encouraged to submit short three minute films taken on their mobile phones telling a story about themselves or someone they know. On the last night of the Cultural Fest winners were picked with prizes awarded. Some of the films collected can be seen below. Thank you to all those who participated in the project!


Over two decades ago Townsville Cultural Festival was launched by what was then the Migrant Resource Centre. Since then hundreds of thousands of participants have attended, witnessed and contributed to the event.