Townsville Cultural Fest celebrates

From 16th - 18th August 2021 the Townsville Cultural Fest celebrates its 25th anniversary; a quarter of a century of developing community spirit through dance, music, food and fun. A quarter of a century of celebrating diversity, and promoting acceptance and understanding in regional Queensland.

 In that time, we’ve engaged with more than 200 communities and groups, and brought together thousands of people from a range of diverse backgrounds.  The festival has truly been a life changing phenomenon for so many.

 Such an incredible achievement calls for a grand community celebration, and we plan to do that in style. But we also believe it’s time to share the story of this journey internationally; time to show the rest of the world what 25 years of commitment to peace and harmony looks like.  That’s why the theme for the 25th anniversary of the Townsville Cultural Fest will be “Unity In Diversity.”

 While financial investment can certainly help a city move ahead, money alone will never “buy” community cohesion and harmony. This kind of achievement is organic and developmental, and takes long-term commitment from individuals and agencies, as well as a shared vision across the community spectrum.

 In the last 25 years, the Townsville Cultural Fest has helped raise two generations of young people who understand the concept of Unity In Diversity, and the need for harmony and community cohesion. Given the many issues facing the world today, this achievement is fundamental to the future stability and sustainability of our region, our country, and our global community.

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